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Veolia mis à l'index

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En raison de la mauvaise image de Veolia concernant la privatisation de l'eau dans le monde, une expo photo sponsorisée par cette société a été annulée à Liverpool (Angleterre). Une expo annuelle du même ordre à Londres fait régulièrement l'objet de vives critiques.


Liverpool cancels Veolia sponsored Environmental exhibition 31Jul12 July 31, 2012

To avoid attracting the opprobrium associated with Veolia, the Museums Service felt that they did not have the resources to deal with the reputational issues and damaging consequences of hosting the exhibition. A Museums Service official has explained that there had been much internal discussion within the council regarding the wisdom of using this exhibition, in particular the ethical issues associated with the sponsorship.

As a result of their concerns, Liverpool has cancelled the Veolia-sponsored event and negotiated an alternative exhibition with the Natural History Museum. This substitute exhibition, entitled “Wild Planet”, is also a photographic exhibition and its subject is the same as the Veolia-sponsored exhibition i.e. the wonders of the natural world. As such it will appeal to the same audience as the Veolia-sponsored Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition without attracting the opprobrium associated with that company.

The annual Veolia Environnement sponsored Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London has been the target of protests against Veolia’s sponsorship since 2010, both in London and on tour. Efforts are underway to persuade the organisers to cancel the exhibition at another venue.

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