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Manifestation des agriculteurs en Pologne ... (un exemple de censure des médias)

... les médias évitent d'en parler. Si vous doutez de l'information, cherchez en utilisant les mots clés :

Protesting Polish Farmers, Warsaw, 4 March 2015

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Published on Thursday, 19 February 2015 21:30

Polish Farmers March for Land Rights and GM Issues - The Dairy Site

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Polish Farmers March for Land Rights and GM Issues ...

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communiqué :

Envoyé: Vendredi 27 Février 2015 13:31:49
Objet: TRES URGENT Fw: International Polish Farmers Support Day!
Nos amis polonais (ICPPC) demandent de l'aide. Les tracteurs bloquent les routes a travers la Pologne depuis plusieurs jours, des manifestations ont lieu, mais ça commence a devenir tres tendu. Ces agriculteurs auraient besoin d'un soutien international pour maintenir leur moral, nous dit Julian. 
Ils appellent a une Journée Internationale d'action pour parvenir a mettre en échec la mise en coupe réglée de l'agriculture polonaise, l'appropriation des terres par des cies étrangeres, et les OGM. Ils prévoient leur journée pour le 4 mars a Varsovie et demandent que tous ceux qui peuvent venir les préviennent et viennent. 
Pour les contacter : 
Julian Rose : julian@icppc.pl 
Délai un peu court mais merci de faire circuler... 
Call for 'International Action Day' in support of Protesting Polish Farmers, Warsaw, 4 March 2015!! 
Dear Sylvette, 
Polish farmers are still managing to maintain their high profile tractor blockades and protests throughout the Country. But things are reaching a critical point - and these courageous farmers need a strong show of 'international solidarity' to maintain their morale and broaden the scope of their struggle. 
We are therefore calling for an - International Day of Action - to keep the fire burning - and to help ensure the defeat of the government and corporate collusion that is destroying farmers' lively-hoods and threatening the fundamental health and welfare of the nation. 
We have very short time left to create sufficient pressure to win the 
most immediate demands of the current protests: *an end to foreign land grabs, *a proper legal tool for enforcing a ban of GMO *an end to the illegal status accorded to Poland's best farm-foods. 
We are therefore planning a spontaneous 'International Polish Farmers Support Day' to take place outside the Prime Minister's HQ in Warsaw 4 March 2015. Here are some photos of a recent protest: 
Your presence at this event will be of very real significance. A victory for Poland's small and medium sized family farmers will have major repercussions throughout Europe and beyond. 
Please do contact us direct to say if you can join Polish farmers and us in Warsaw 4 March! 
Please pass-on to colleagues! 
Jadwiga Lopata and Julian Rose, directors ICPPC 
Mail du 26/02/15 : 
On 25 February 2015, a letter was delivered to the Prime Minister of Poland, Ewa Kopasz, calling for immediate action in support of farmers demands that still remain unaddressed. 
Prime Minister Kopasz was also presented with a basket of illegal traditional Polish farm foods, by ICPPC director and Goldman Prize laureate Jadwiga Lopata and ICPPC President Sir Julian Rose, accompanied by leaders of the Solidarity farmers union and a group of farmers. The food basket highlights the call to scrap the exceptionally harsh food regulatory codes that currently prevent Polish farmers selling their traditional on-farm processed foods. 
Family farmers from different regions of Poland have been occupying the area outside the Prime Ministers Palace in Warsaw for the last week. Sympathisers are bringing quality farm foods and other items to their Green City pavement camp which has been standing since 19 February. 
Attempts to subvert the farmers demands continue, with a notable lack of reporting of the main issues. Instead, emphasis has been placed on calls by Senator Isdebski for farms affected by wild pig damage to be compensated. 
At the Warsaw Green City, the determined farmers, coming together under the Solidarity banner, continue to demand: NO to GMO No to land grabs YES to real farm foods! 
Sir Julian Rose, President ICPPC said: 
Its a critical situation. The protesting farmers represent the last line of resistance against corporate and government collusion in the domination of Polish agriculture with its attendant destruction of the biodiversity of the food chain and farmers basic lively-hoods. 
You can donate to our activities here 
Many thanks! 
Jadwiga and Julian 
ICPPC - International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, 
34-146 Stryszow 156, Poland tel./fax +48 33 8797114 biuro@icppc.pl 
Julian's website ABOUT BOOK: www.julianrose.info 
ICPPC - International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, 
34-146 Stryszów 156, Poland tel./fax +48 33 8797114 biuro@icppc.pl 
Przeczytaj - "Zmieniając kurs na życie. Lokalne rozwiązania globalnych 
problemów", autor: Julian Rose www.renesans21.pl 

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